Business Cards of My Own

While setting up this ‘ere website I realised that while I’m advertising my services as a designer of business cards, I do not have one myself.

After a good ten minutes of play in photo shop, I realised that I would have to do a whole heap of work to get a bunch of cards I’d probably never even give out. So I decided I’d just hand draw them. Even though my hand writing’s worse than an 8 year old’s, I thought they came out alright.

business cardsIt took me exactly 4 cards to get bored, so I made this instead…. Possibly the first ever animated set of business cards. Although I doubt it.




Want some g-design done? Click here.

Yarraville Garage Sale & Art… Thing….

The forecast was rotten but the weather turned good. Our garage sale was rated a success… In the sense that we had fun playing guitar and sitting in the sun…

Best Sellers…

  • Wad of vintage comic books
  • Pressure Washer
  • Garden Spray Jet
  • Tomatoe plants
  • Car Speakers
  • Expanding Filer thing from the 90′s
  • 2001 Brownlow Crown Lager

Things That Somehow Didn’t Sell

  • Game of Thrones (we had the realisation that it really is just a bill for about 7 books you’re never going to read)
  • Vintage Camera
  • All of Megan’s Clothes and Shoes
  • The Giant Mug with a Thousand Uses
  • A Knife owned by Ghenghis Kahn

The day kicked off in a flurry; as we sat out the back chatting, time got away from us and it was already 12:30. We rushed down the street, we need change for the millions of customers we’d have in under a half hour… We returned with beer.

The early birds got no worms, as we were setting up.  A greying gentleman in a Torago made for our first customer – he locked down a wad of vintage comic books, all in horrendous condition.  I sincerely hope he likes pre-war Donald Duck comics, if not he’ll be quite upset should he try to sell them on.

twenty or so people wandered through, and it became quite clear, quite quickly, how small my front yard is. Children played with the Kahn’s knife, but upon the parent’s realisation is was an actual knife, where quickly lead away.

Highlights of the Day

Jack’s Spruiking

Throughout the day Jack would periodically venture onto the street and hawk our wares. “Students World.” He would yell. We sat eagerly awaiting the customers he was attracting until we realised there was nobody around.

When a potential customer did appear during a spruik, he would run into the house and hide. Very Amusing.


Jack shows that a children’s jumper opens up a world of stomach drumming possibilities

Old School Bartaring

Late in the day a couple of passes by peered over the fence, jack’s inner salesman kicked in and he said “Wanna buy some speakers?”

The gentleman responded, “I’ll give you five bucks, cash, right now.”

Jack fired back. “Ten.”



“Ok, ten’s good… Do you have any wrapping paper?”

Most people take a bottle of wine to a party but I guess this guy thought a set of car speakers would do the trick.

Time Traveller on a Human Safari

At around three we were visited by three of the most interesting people I’ve met in sometime.

Aside from their guide who was versed in the language of 2013, his group was merely there to take in the sites, sounds and customs of our age.

They forced jack to perform for them. He was hesitant, but their “Play the number one song”  chant coersed him.

time travellers time travellers 4 time travellers 3 time travellers 2

The Dying Hours

As the hour grew late, a few stragglers came by. I sold quite a few tomatoes and we had some good chats. We met a lot of the locals, most on their way home or walking their dogs. One guy told us he ‘already had enough crap’, I politely informed him that none of it was crap, we just didn’t want it any more.

thegroup1 group2


We traded some stuff we didn’t want no mo’ for pizza and a few extra beers. Most definitely worth it.

Stay tuned for the next one.

Garage Sale Art…Thing…

Maybe you found one of my posters, or maybe you stumbled here via gumtree, either way you’re probably after some details regarding the Garage Sale set to take place between 1 and 5pm on Sunday the 15th of December.

garage sale art thing


While there will be a few garage sale favourites like:

  • Some Timber Planks
  • A Pallet coffee table thing
  • Clothes
  • Bric a Brac

As I do almost every year, when I kicked off my vegie garden I planted every seed I had in my possession without enough room to actually plant them in my garden. So, I’ll be selling plenty of plants.

  • Tomato plants in medium pots – $4 each or 3 for $10 (25 available)
  •  Tomato Plants in Small pots $2 each or 3 for $5 (10 available)
  • Aloe Vera that probably won’t survive $1 (7 available) - I propagated them from my other Aloe plants using a method a friend claimed would work. They may grow roots and become thriving aloes, but after a week in their pots they’re looking a bit brown… By the time the weekend arrives they might be completely dead.
  • Aloe Vera that most certainly will survive – $5 (3 available)


Along with the plants and weird, we’ll also be showcasing (And hopefully selling) some of our arts and crafts. At the moment I have 4 artists who are planning to hawk their wares on the 15th.

One thing I can guarantee is that the Displaybe shoes will be on sale and very cheap. I have 18 Shoes in total, most will be on sale for $15 or less, but I have a few larger ones that will be a bit dearer.

Throughout the Day we’ll be having intermittent music performances on ye’ old acoustic guitar and the banjo may even make an appearance. So why not support a few  local artists and come for a poke around?